RadRichTextBox rendering problem when TextOptions.TextFormattingMode is set to “Display”

In Silverlight 5 you may make your application look better by changing the way fonts are rendered. You make this change by applying some additional setting in your App.xaml.

The whole instruction regarding this topic was described here.

When using the RadRichTextBox control (part of Telerik Controls Library) you may approach an unwanted situation, where caret is displayed on the wrong place. Instead of the caret at the end of the line:


you may see something like this:


The problem here is that RadRichTextBox uses TextBlock internally to visualize the text. Setting implicit styles to them modifies the UI, but doesn’t affect the measuring system, which doesn’t support TextOptions.TextFormattingMode  property.

The Telerik team is aware of the buggy situation and there is even an issue created in their backlog for the feature 🙂 They suggest a workaround, by setting that option with value = “Ideal” just for RadRdichTextBox control:

… and it works like a charm! 😉

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