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Panem et circenses – WROC#

Switzerland is a nice place to live 🙂 you have here almost everything - high mountains, good chocolate, tasty cheese and punctual trains.

What you don't have (or barely have) are the good Developer's Conferences. That is why, almost two weeks ago I went to Wroclaw in Poland to attend a WROC# Conference. This event was organised by none other than Objectivity Bespoke Software Specialists - my former employer - currently one of the best employers in Wroclaw! 😉



My date with “MobProgramming”

Last Friday I had a pleasure to get in touch with "MobProgramming" - a kind of pair programming on steroids.


This great event was organized by the "Software Craftshmenship Zurich" - a meetup group I've recently joined. It was my first meeting and I have to say I had really enjoyed it.
First of all it was a mixture of different ppl from different backgrounds - so not only .NET but also a Java, JavaScript, Ruby, C++, Python.
Secondly, the event was good prepared - hosts seemed to be prepared and aware how the process should look like and the proper case-study was chosen - adequate for amount of the time we had.
And thirdly - the discussion afterwards was really awesome - lot of ppl wanted to contribute their thoughts and ideas about the process.
So... what is excatly a "MobProgramming"?