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Panem et circenses – WROC#

Switzerland is a nice place to live 🙂 you have here almost everything – high mountains, good chocolate, tasty cheese and punctual trains.

What you don’t have (or barely have) are the good Developer’s Conferences. That is why, almost two weeks ago I went to Wroclaw in Poland to attend a WROC# Conference. This event was organised by none other than Objectivity Bespoke Software Specialists – my former employer – currently one of the best employers in Wroclaw! 😉


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ListBox using WrapPanel with VerticalScrollBar

Recently I was using a ListBox in Silverlight together with the WrapPanel. Idea wasn’t too complicated, just a list and a button to add items. Each time the button was pressed, some items was generated in code behind and added to the list. If there was no space left for the new item, the wrap panel was expected to do his job, wrap the line and vertical scroll-bar was expected to be showed. So far so good… but it was not working as expected.
So the code was looking more less like this one:

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CodeRun – IDE w przeglądarce :)

Ostatnio jeden ze znajomych podesłał mi ciekawego linka do strony stworzonej przez Izraelskich kolegów – – darmowe IDE w przeglądarce, które uroczo przypomina Visual Studio.
Wg informacji zawartych na stronie możemy wyczytać że CodeRun pozwala na tworzenie aplikacji w:

  • c# (, silverlight, wcf i wpf),
  • php,
  • javascript,
  • HTML
  • i CSS

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